Special Dinner organized for international students
Special Dinner organized for international students
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A student dressed in a traditional chinese clothes talks with president Kim. Photo by Chung Yun-jo.
Ewha held Special Dinner for Degree-Seeking International Students at the Ewha Campus Complex Theatre on Nov. 7.
Organized by the Office of International Affairs (OIA), many guests attended the dinner including officials from the Embassies of Argentina, Canada, Georgia, Myanmar, Malaysia, Peru and Fiji; deans and professors from each college; officials of various departments and offices including Ewha Language Center; and approximately 180 international students. Ewha president Kim Sun-uk also attended the event to meet students in person, listen to their needs and difficulties, and to offer them encouragement.
Before the main dinner began, foreign student unions each composed of students from countries such as Myanmar, Japan and Thailand introduced their cultures by sharing their traditional food and presenting their traditional clothes and accessories at individual booths.
“This is Kyar-Jan-Kyaw, a traditional Myanmar food made with rice noodles,” Phyu Phyu Lwin Soe (Political Science & International Relations, 3) said. “I hope many foreign students spend time together, not just with those from the same ethnic group, but also with students with different backgrounds through this event.”
The event began with a welcoming speech by Choi Hye-won, Associate vice president of the OIA, introducing visitors and foreign guests. It was then followed by president Kim’s speech.

“This dinner and gathering remind me of 30 years ago when I studied abroad in Germany,” president Kim said. “I know it is hard because sometimes you want to go home, and what you are learning is demanding. However, I guarantee that the hard work you put in during your time in Ewha will pay off in the end.”
President Kim also stressed Ewha spirit during the speech.
“I believe the challenging and pioneering spirit along with hard work and courage that Mary Fletcher Scranton had 127 years ago will get across to our international students,” president Kim said. “Grow academically and humanly. I hope all of you can successfully finish your study here and spread your Ewha spirit to your home countries, so that you will be proud of Ewha and Ewha be proud of you at the same time.”
After president Kim’s speech, a standing dinner was held in a casual form.
Guests and students freely interacted with each other and watched performances prepared by students while having dinner. Most of the participants, including president Kim, stayed until the end of the event, talking and taking photos together.

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