Registrar’s Office changes the credit cancellation period
Registrar’s Office changes the credit cancellation period
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The Registrar’s Office announced that the credit cancellation period will be changed starting in the spring semester of 2014. Students will then be able to cancel unwanted courses as early as the last weeks of March and September. The current credit cancellation period has been only as early as the second weeks of April and October. The Registrar’s Office decided to set the credit cancellation period earlier to help prospective graduates who are applying for professional and specialized graduate schools or are trying to get officially employed, but any other student can also cancel credits then. “We hope students can make the most out of the changed credit cancellation period in March and September,” said Kang Hak-su, an official of the Registrar’s Office. “We also hope the change can benefit many students who wish to enroll in graduate schools or get employed with an official transcript.” This year, for those who need an official transcript before Oct. 17, the Registrar’s Office will issue modified official transcripts with the credit cancellation by Oct. 9. “I am thankful for the school’s action in changing the credit cancellation period in the interest of helping students gain an advantage in applying to graduate schools and jobs,” Choi Kyung-eun (French, 4) said. In 2014, the credit cancellation period will be put into effect from March 24 to 28 and Sept. 22 to 24.

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