Wisdome: place to share and learn wisdom to change world
Wisdome: place to share and learn wisdom to change world
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Eight wisdomees listeend to Choi Sim-yeon's lecture about making a positive image, titled "The Personal Image Making that Tells a Positive Yes". Photo provided by Choi Sim-yeon.
A docent who visited the Louvre Museum in Paris a thousand times shares his expertise and offers art for participants to chew on. An international image consultant teaches how to make personal image slogans for strategic image making. An art therapist uses the process of creating art to discover individuals’ internal features and treat their struggles by promoting mental wellness, healing and rehabilitation. This exchange of wisdom and experience takes place through the Wisdome campaign, which invites anyone to contribute something valuable to the whole mix and learn from it – sharing and learning wisdom, after all, knows no boundaries or limit.
Founded in 2012, Wisdome is a service that offers mentors for wisdomees, those who seek knowledge to enrich their lives and strategies of negotiation and management for business. Max Han, the CEO of Wisdome and a Yonsei University business graduate, created Wisdome to prevent the polarization of opportunities and information, and aims to share wisdom to minimize the world’s gap of information. Accordingly, professionals from various areas such as announcers, marketers, successful CEOs and Buddhist monks register as wisdomers to present their experience and knowledge in the form of a lecture.
Since its foundation, Wisdome has grown by 1,000 percent. Currently, 1,645 people have met through wisdoming and 30,149 hours of wisdom have been shared by a total of 12,130 people.
For “wisdoming,” a small group of five participants is preferred to large-scale seminars to engender intimacy. During this time, wisdomers gain the opportunity to teach something that wisdomees were not quite familiar with or did not have enough time or money to learn about.
An international image consultant, Choi Sim-yeon delivered a lecture under the title of “The Personal Image Making that Tells a Positive YES” on Sept. 11. While engaging with the wisdomees, Choi was able to communicate and build an interdisciplinary spirit with many professionals in different fields.
“Although I cannot solve everyone’s problems 100 percent, I take great pride in playing a role in the process of helping them become a key means to hear a positive ‘yes’ from others,” Choi said.
Through the lectures, wisdomees not only learn something new, but also gain different perspectives of a particular area.
Wisdomee Kim Do-hoon, an engineer at Samsung Electronics, says he could not take his eyes off of docent Yoon Woon-joong, the wisdomer who delivered a two-hour lecture about Impressionism in the 19th century and his artistic life.
“He had wits and gave concise explanations,” Kim said. “Every word that came out of his lips came right into my ears. He had a different approach from professional artists in perceiving and understanding art.”
Kim recalls that the most memorable part was when he took a glimpse into Yoon’s thoughts, when Yoon said people have to contemplate what art can be and cultivate the ability of discernment.
Other than connecting wisdomers with wisdomees, Wisdome also works on the project “Wisdome@My School,” a form of wisdoming that lets several participants to talk about career paths and allows middle and high school students to meet experts from various fields.
“We are currently working on an archiving system on our Web site to arrange more opportunities for people to meet other people,” said an official from the Wisdome Operation and Management team, who wishes to remain anonymous.
Those who wish to share knowledge and stories on a topic of their choice may register as wisdomers on the official homepage (http://www.wisdo.me/). Anyone can sign up as a wisdomee for lectures on the topic of their interest on a first-come, first-served basis on the Web site.

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