Starting my second semester at Ewha
Starting my second semester at Ewha
  • Kim Whi-young
  • 승인 2013.09.13 17:00
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Kim Whi-young
Ever since I turned 18, I started thinking about which university I was going to enter, and I thought of myself as a pre-Ewha student. The foremost reason that Ewha had stole my heart was that Ewha’s educational aims and feministic values suited me perfectly.
The moto of Ewha was “initiative Ewha,” which impressed me greatly when I visited the auditorium for the first time. I was already a student at Ewha student since then by heart. I knew that there were absurd rumors about the school. However,  even that made my desire for Ewha grew even stronger. It felt like it was my job to correct the prejudices against Ewha, and to help many other Ewha students who were already trying to overcome the social obstacles.
There was no doubt in my mind that I would get into Ewha when I first took the entrance exam. So it gave me a “mental collapse” when I was rejected the first time.
But I never gave up on Ewha, and even had the intention to apply again if I had failed this year. Fortunately I was accepted on my second chance as a liberal arts college student.
Like most of liberal arts college students I don’t have my major right now. I hope to major in English Language & Literature next year. “Introduction to English Literature” is the course that I liked the most during the first semester. This course has taught me a whole new level of thinking. It was completely different from the literature that I had learnt in high school, where studying literature meant memorizing the answers that were given by teachers. I had to study by myself to find out what a single line from the entire novel was implying.
True, it required a lot of time to study. But while I was preparing for the exams, it wasn’t demanding or stressful at all because I was studying what I truly enjoyed by heart.
I loved the subject so much that it has not only given me the reason to study harder this semester since grades are important to major in English literature, but it also drew me an outline of my future.
Not many months ago, I did not  have a clue on what I was going to do after graduation. The thought itself was too overwhelming for me, so I was going to put off thinking about my future.
But taking this course in my first year got me considering applying to graduate school of English literature, and hopefully, to teach the subject at Ewha like the professor that has taught my first class. I consider myself very lucky because I have found out what I like and am good at, at an early age of my life. I am grateful for the opportunity that Ewha has given me.
Now I know that achieving my goals one by one is the only way to help other students fight the prejudices against Ewha.
I will put all my effort on fulfilling my dreams so that I can show my gratitude to all the experiences that Ewha offers me and make Ewha proud. 

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