Ewha, a place where students mature
Ewha, a place where students mature
  • Kim Hyun
  • 승인 2013.08.31 17:59
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Kim Hyun
Time flies! It is already the start of the second semester. Freshman’s first steps into Ewha have faded away.
My first semester in Ewha was fantastic and exciting, and I hope everyone gained precious experiences and memories too. Now, I will talk about my life as a freshman in Ewha.
Firstly, most freshman’s major is undeclared. In the first year, freshmen are given the opportunity to seek what they want to study and major in. With the precious opportunity, I was able to register almost all the lectures I was interested in.
This is a useful system because it can relieve many students’ academic agony by giving them opportunities to take different lectures. In my case, I have great interests in both the academic field of law and psychology so I took courses in those fields. After taking these courses, I was able to decide which study best suits me. As the system worked wonderfully for me, it also does for others.
Secondly, I spent valuable time with my club activity “Ewha UNSA.” In this club, I did Model United Nations once every week and studied international situations. By participating in this club, I not only made many good friends, but also gained a broader view of the world.
During the Daedong festival, I was in charge of my club booth. From this experience, I learned many important qualifications such as responsibility, punctuality, comradeship and cooperation that made me mature.
Finally, I spent my spare time looking around the structures of the school’s buildings.
I went on a small tour from the Ewha Complex Center to the Hanwoori dormitory. During the small tour, I saw many organizations, buildings and facilities the school provides for students.
For example, I found the “Sleeping Room.” Students can use this room any time during the day if they have their student identification cards. I used this room when I was studying for the mid-term exams and found it very useful during the exam periods.
Above all, I became familiar with many buildings and felt some affection toward my school through the school tour.
As a university student, I gained two things: freedom and responsibility.
Freedom made me do everything independently, and responsibility made me do everything carefully. Both of these traits were very useful, and I realized I cannot mature if I do not keep these two things in balance.
I think Ewha is a place that keeps me in balance. Ewha guarantees the best learning experience and gives me hope that I can become a more mature individual.
I hope every person who is or will become a freshman can be motivated to dream and grow, as I did in the first half of the year. I am proud of my school, and I hope to be a better student in the following years and bring honor to Ewha.

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