Web of creativity extends from Creative Director Lee Na-young
Web of creativity extends from Creative Director Lee Na-young
  • Oh Seo-jin
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Lee Na-young ('95, Politics and Diplomacy) is a creative director whose major works include "LTE Warp Star Wars" and "Father Campaign." Photo by Kahng Sun-woo.
With one simple word, “Warp,” Lee’s task begins. Deep, ponderous eyes that brighten with excitement nimbly move from the first letter to the second, determined to retain every strand of thought induced. Gaze intently fixed on the word, a web of creativity extends endlessly.
The process repeats almost every day for Lee Na-young (’95, Politics and Diplomacy), a creative director who takes chief charge in the creativity department for advertisements. Her main task is to mold an effective medium between advertising companies and consumers, adeptly introducing and convincing the latter of the goods’ indispensable utility.
With immense responsibility at hand, Lee puts in consistent efforts to be a capable, competent leader. She challenges herself daily to acquire broad insight on cultural and social trends by reading and analyzing various media sources and searching novel materials online.
Another effort is active and persistent interaction with the younger generation in order to stay keen on the rapidly changing trends.
“A monthly gathering with the younger members of a student-led advertisement club I participated in during my college years is one way to do so,” Lee said.
Lee emphasizes the importance of staying alert to trend progression as profound, piercing insight on trends is a crucial element for successful advertisements.
“Although I am older than before, I try to stay young and fresh in mind and sympathize with the young to produce captivating advertisements that has universal appeal,” Lee said.
Her unyielding efforts ultimately enabled her to produce popular advertisements that the majority of the nation recognizes today. Her representative works include “LTE Warp Star Wars” for Korea Telecommunications and “Father Campaign” for Bank Credit Card.
However, her accomplishments were not without hardships.
“The pressure to provide ample ideas that satisfy the advertisers’ demands and expectations is immensely stressful,” Lee said. “Although I would like to have a flood of creative ideas, such is not always possible.”
In fact, Lee and her team had to come up with various items for the Warp series before the Star Wars version was finalized.
“It is common in the advertisement field that although prolific items are presented, the majority of them often gets discarded,” Lee said. “I have experienced such situations myself numerous times and still do even today.”
As the leader of the creativity department, she often feels burdened and stressed, but the anticipation and excitement for the result motivate her to continue.
“Although it is very stressful and frustrating to be in the most responsible position, I am always glad to see my creations in the end,” Lee said. “It is always fascinating to see what I can create.”
Lee advises Ewha students to always think about the characteristics and qualities they have that could appeal to others. She exemplifies herself, as she presented herself as a unique individual through an unconventional résumé for her first occupation in 1995.
“Instead of strictly adhering to the conventional method of filling in the lines with words, I presented a picture portfolio that showed who I was and how I grew up,” Lee said. “Such unique way of presenting myself successfully appealed to the evaluators.”
In addition, Lee suggests the students to put a little more effort in finding opportunities in the field they would like to pursue.
“Trying extra hard in meeting various people and seeking opportunities for one’s aspiring field, whether it be internships or regular employment, is the key to success,” Lee said.

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