BK21 PLUS selects 13 Ewha research teams
BK21 PLUS selects 13 Ewha research teams
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Thirteen Ewha research teams have been selected for Brain Korea 21 Program for Leading University and Students (BK21 PLUS) on Aug. 16. BK21 PLUS is a national university support program supervised by the Ministry of Education and National Research Foundation of Korea. It supports 580 chosen enterprises until 2019, nurturing creative human resources that may fulfill creative economy, and supporting the creation of new knowledge and technology based on creativity. Ewha was ranked 15th among other universities, with 13 research teams. BK21 PLUS will provide 380 million won to Ewha through government expenditure. The 13 selected Ewha research teams include: Chemistry in Science Technology, Pharmacy and Veterinary Medicine in Applied Science, Welfare in Social and Human Sciences, and Physics, Mathematics, Food Science, History, Educational Technology, Speech Pathology, and Human Resources Convergence 1 in Business teams.

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