Ewha scores high on 2013 University Customer Satisfaction Index study
Ewha scores high on 2013 University Customer Satisfaction Index study
  • Mun Mi-kyung
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Satisfaction evaluation results of Ewha by 100 currently enrolled students on a scale of 100.
Ewha Womans University received high scores in a study by the JoongAng Ilbo on college students’ satisfaction with their school, conducted to measure universities’ quality of education.
The newspaper used the University Customer Satisfaction Index (UCSI) questionnaire and received feedbacks from a total of 3,000 students from March 20 to April 11. The main purpose was to evaluate universities on the basis of student satisfaction level and discover which universities ranked high in specific areas.
Universities selected as subjects  were those ranking among the top 30 in the JoongAng Ilbo’s 2012 University Evaluation. The 3,000 students interviewed, comprised of 100 students from each of the 30 universities, excluding freshmen as they had not yet been enrolled in their respective universities long enough to evaluate.
The UCSI is specifically divided into 11 sections and 75 subsections.
The 11 sections comprise of faculty, curriculum, tuition, scholarships, classrooms, library, facilities, Web site, employability, branding and administration.
Out of 100 points, factors that scored 50 points and above were considered average, 75 points and above were deemed quite satisfactory and 100 points showed perfect satisfaction on the part of students.
The research results not only showed universities’ competitiveness, but also served as indicators of needed improvement. Ewha scored high on seven of the 11 sections. It ranked 4th in library with 81.35 points, 4th in Web site with 73.50 points, 5th in faculty with 80.75 points, 5th in employability with 76.38 points, 6th in facilities with 68.75 points, 8th in curriculum with 70.77 points and 10th in administration with 62.31 points.
More specifically, Ewha scored high on four subsections including faculty research, Internet information, on-the-job experience and communication with students, ranking 5th with 80.75 points, 6th with 73.00 points, 6th with 72.00 points and 10th with 60.25 points, respectively.
The UCSI results for Ewha showed students’ high satisfaction with services provided at Ewha.
Since student satisfaction is considered an important factor in university evaluation, officials note that the UCSI results have a lot of significance.
“Ewha has tried to help students in various ways such as providing numerous programs related to future careers and improving school facilities,” said an official from the Office of University Planning and Coordination.

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