Looking back on my time as a sophomore
Looking back on my time as a sophomore
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Rhee Young-eun
After two weeks, the first semester as my second year at Ewha comes to an end.
Before starting a semester, I promised myself to have a great semester without regrets. This is because the second year is the boundary that exists between the freshman and senior year, I contemplated a lot how to spend this year worthily.
Last year, when I was a freshman, I did not study much nor did I attend class which resulted in bad grades.  At that time, I thought that it was the privilege of freshman to enjoy the school life and to spend the whole semester playing constantly. Therefore, I have no regrets although there is nothing left except for my bad scores. I try to look back on this semester thinking about what I did.
First, I joined the group named “PEU” and did a lot of school activities. Our group, made up of students of the same age, officially deals with foreign affairs. The efforts in “foreign affairs” stride toward actions we can accomplish as students such as traveling, volunteering and interviewing. Because I am interested in diplomacy and thinking about having a job in this field in the future, PEU was a very important and priceless experience for me.
Second, I did a lot of things for my department working in the student council. As a member of student council, I participated in the activities of my department since I was a freshman. From the beginning of the semester to the school festival last week, I prepared many events and helped two presidents of my department as one of the members of the student council. Being a member of the student council is not obligatory and some students think that it could be a little burdensome for them.However, working in the student council, I made many good friends and had unforgettable experiences.Also, I got a scholarship for volunteering for the department. Although it was a little personal, I never skipped class or came in late for classes this semester. Last year, the main reason why I got bad scores is that I was late and absent too much. Never being late or absent is the first resolution I made for myself at the beginning of this semester. Although two weeks still remain until the end of semester, I’m very proud of myself.
Looking back on this semester, there is nothing especially great or special. However, I am very satisfied with what I did and am proud of spending this semester more worthwhile than last year. I think that the time as a second year is a very ambiguous period. It is better to play and enjoy school life like freshmen. In contrast, it is a little hasty to worry about the future and prepare getting a job. It is important not to be one-sided and have a balanced approach in this period. This semester, as I focused on having fun and did a lot of interesting things, I plan to study more and prepare for the future during the next semester. I hope next semester will be another valuable moment.

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