Enjoy Ewha’s four seasons on campus
Enjoy Ewha’s four seasons on campus
  • Professor Choi Jung-hyun
  • 승인 2013.06.09 11:39
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Choi Jung-hyun
I personally believe that Ewha Womans Univeristy has one of the most beautiful and scenic campuses. After graduating from Ewha Womans University, I went to the United States to further my education.
The Graduate School that I attended is renowned for its beautiful and historic campus. Each year, the graduate school hosted all the new students on campus who wanted to explore diversity in areas of education, culture, and recreation.
I was so far away from home, and being an international student was sometimes very hard.
The diverse activities, however, were highly beneficial; it kept me very occupied.
From what I remember, the university spread out on a 500-acre campus. The Main Hall, the university chapel, and the library were positioned right in the heart of campus.
The Main Hall with 300 years of history was the historic landmark. Also, the university chapel had a magnificent appearance, and it was known to be the third largest college chapel in the world.
The library had extensive books and manuscripts, impressive holdings of rare books and archives, and electronic resources.
During the course of my graduate studies, the similarities ever so often reminded me of my college days at Ewha Womans University.
The mosaic of the four seasons brought back my memories at Ewha Womans University. As we all know, our campus at Ewha Womans University has an unbeatable reputation for its 127 years of rich beauty and rich history.
All year round, there is a panoramic experience of the four seasons at Ewha Womans University. I therefore would like to describe the places that are tworthwhile visiting that unfolds the Ewha story of spring, summer, fall, and winter.
In the spring, the charming magnolias fill the air around the main hall with spring snowflakes. As we all know, however, the magnolias bloom relatively short for the Ewhaians – since the blooming season of the magnolias is always during the midterm period.
When summer comes around the road from the admission hall up to the main hall, the magnificent shade of the thick forest cools the sizzling heat of summer. In leaving us so hot and thirsty, the benches in front of the stairs going up to the library may be the best place to rest and to quench your summer thirst with some arctic iced-coffee.
As soon as summer comes to an end, fall leads us to the golden road of the Ginko trees in our campus. Fall is here again, but Ewhaians know what that means.
It is that time of the year when the Ewhaians trek the hills from the Ewha-POSCO building to the Engineering building – stepping on the ginko nuts!
To say the least, the horrible smell makes an unforgettable memory that fall is here again on campus.
Finally, I would like to encourage everyone to keep a postcard memory of our snow-covered campus in the winter. I wish the days of snowfall would never cease.
The pristine, majestic snow begins the fairy tale for all of us here on campus.
In short, I have witnessed the four seasons for the past 20 years here at Ewha Womans University, and I also would like to testify that I cannot help but to fall in love with our campus.

* Professor Choi Jung-hyun  graduated from Environmental Science & Engineering at Ewha Womans University and has a master’s degree and a doctoral degree from Princeton University.

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