Ewha nurtures leaders with communal identity 2
Ewha nurtures leaders with communal identity 2
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Ewha paves its way in adopting successful Residential College

The RC Global Student Project Team explores overseas RC system. Photo provided by the Office of University Planning and Coordination.
Recently, Ewha has implemented certain programs and events to reflect students’ opinions in building the RC.
In January, the school organized the RC Global Student Project Team to benchmark successful cases of leading RCs in universities overseas.
From Jan. 6 to 16 and Jan. 13 to 23, 50 Ewha students, including four freshmen, visited the United Kingdom (U.K.) and the United States (U.S.), respectively. Students who went to the U.K. explored the University of Oxford, Cambridge University and the University of East Anglia London Campus. In the U.S., students visited Harvard, Yale and Princeton universities.
These trips provided an opportunity for Ewha students and professors to understand how Western universities successfully adopted the RC system and what Ewha can learn from them.
“Through the visit, students were able to witness the ideal RC system of foreign universities,” Lee said. “The ideas that students presented regarding the Ewha RC will be reflected in the actual program.”
The RC Exploratory Conference took place on Feb. 6 to present the information gathered during the visits to the U.S. and the U.K.
The RC Global Student Project Team made presentations of what they learned and found throughout the trip, and how Ewha RC should be implemented according to students’ needs.
Furthermore, the Public Hearing for RC aimed at Ewha faculty members and students has also been organized twice throughout the semester.
The OUPC held the Public Hearing for RC for faculty members on April 26 in the Lee San-Bong Hall located in the Ewha Campus Complex. During the event, the OUPC introduced the concept and system of the Ewha RC, such as the RC Master Professor and RCA.
The RC Master Professors will be in charge of the programs and events during the project, and the RCAs will contribute to the organization of various events for freshmen students. They will work as mentors to help Ewha freshmen adjust to their school lives and curricula.
On May 21, the Public Hearing for RC for Ewha students and RCA Briefing Session took place in the Student Union Building Theater. The OUPC explained the overall plan of the Ewha RC and recruited RCAs by introducing their main roles and duties in the system. The OUPC answered questions regarding Ewha RC at both events during the Q&A session.
“The basic content of the two public hearings was not much different from each other,” Lee said. “It was a chance for the school to compare both perspectives of faculty members and students.”
Ewha plans to hold further events regarding the RC system before 2015.

* Reporters: Ahn Inkyeong & Chung Che-yoon

* E-mails: iahn@ewhain.net, thfl353@ehwain.net

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