OGA launches Happy Hour
OGA launches Happy Hour
  • Moon Bo-ra
  • 승인 2013.05.26 16:39
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The Office of Global Affairs (OGA) launched a new program for international students studying at Ewha under the name of Happy Hour on May 3. The first Happy Hour was held from 12 p.m. to 1 p.m. at Room B324 of the Ewha Campus Complex (ECC).
Happy Hour is a program introduced by the OGA for international undergraduate and graduate students studying at Ewha to promote active communication among students.
Unlike foreign exchange students, international students study at Ewha until graduation. Thus, the OGA understood the need for systematic long-term care for these students during their stay in Ewha and in Korea. Through Happy Hour, the OGA provides a venue for international students to freely gather and socialize. For a lasting relationship between the students, the OGA plans to hold Happy Hour four times per semester.
“International students can easily become friends and build bonds with students from their home country, but it is difficult for them to do so with students from different countries,” an official at the OGA said. “Thus, we wanted to create a program that can work as a bridge between international students.”
The first Happy Hour was held with more than 80 international student participants. Students freely utilized the time as a means to socialize, share advice on living in Korea and further exchange their cultures.
The OGA plans to improve Happy Hour to benefit more international students by listening to their voices.
“To allow more foreign students to participate in the event, we will try to manage the schedule for the next Happy Hour flexibly,” the official said.
The next Happy Hour is on June 4. International students who wish to participate should visit Room B324 of the ECC.

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