Looking into Daedong Festival of 2013
Looking into Daedong Festival of 2013
  • Ahn In-kyeong
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The annual May Festival, or Daedong Festival, will be held for three days from May 22 to 24.
Arranged by Woori Ewha, the 45th Student Government Association (SGA), the theme for this year’s festival is “Mosaic.” Just as small pieces complete a mosaic when put together, Woori Ewha believes every Ewha student’s participation will contribute to the festival.
Mosaic will have a different theme for each of the three days, with themes and related programs represented by different colors.
The color of the first day is yellow, to symbolize unity of Ewha and the society. The SGA is planning to provide an opportunity for Ewha students to communicate with the outer world by inviting campus workers and the Big Issue vendor who sells the Big Issue magazine in front of the Main Gate. The Big Issue vendor has been taking violin lessons from Ewha students and will perform with students at a culture concert planned by the SGA.
The second day is represented by the color red, symbolizing passion. Like the previous Daedong Festivals, the second day will include invited singers and a concert in the evening.
The color of the third day is blue, which marks the last day of the festival on May 24. Blue represents hope. Woori Ewha has arranged programs that will unite all the students and help them realize that there is still hope for students in this hectic society. There will be programs such as Heungbuje & Nolbuje, a competition among booths who registered for giveaways beforehand and will be awarded with giveaways at the end of the festival, and a discussion of the Five Main Proposals, which include tuition, welfare, education, scholarship and student space.
Until last year, most booths put up during the Daedong Festival only sold food and beverages due to the tight budget of student clubs. However, according to the SGA, this year’s festival will have more interesting programs that students can enjoy as the SGA has received more financial support from companies who will promote their products at the festival. With  such diverse programs prepared, the SGA looks forward to seeing students participate and enjoy the festival.
“Just as many little spots gather to form a mosaic, we wish every Ewha student to be the heroine of the festival,” said Bong Woo-ri (Dance, 4), the president of SGA.

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