Ewha, cradle of women education in Third World 3
Ewha, cradle of women education in Third World 3
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Ewha-KOICA fosters women leaders from developing countires


The Ewha-KOICA Master’s Program in International Studies provides education opportunities for female students from developing countries. It is the only program in Korea that offers specialized education focused on women and development. Ewha Graduate School of International Studies cooperated with Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) and founded Ewha-KOICA.
The program recognizes the importance of offering a springboard for women leaders in developing countries who work in the field of government, research and NGOs.
“Ewha-KOICA symbolizes change in my life in every perspective,” said Ndagha Cordelia A. Eseni-Banjong (Development Cooperation, Graduate School), a social worker and chief of Service in the Ministry of Women’s Empowerment and the Family in Cameroon. “I have had the opportunity to expand my professional and social network and also improve on my interactive skills. The program instills self-confidence in all participants to become future leaders.”
Students also hope to contribute to the development of their countries through Ewha-KOICA.
“The program does not only emphasize on how much you excel in your studies, but also on how much you know about the country you live in,” said Dilla Trainti Ramadhani (Development and Cooperation, Graduate School), an official of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Indonesia who entered Ewha-KOICA in 2013. “By doing so, we will know the ‘secret recipe’ of Korea’s improvement in such a short time. I hope that this program will allow me to further extend my contribution to my country.”
The influence of Ewha-KOICA is not just limited to current students; It  also includes graduates. Graduates of this program are working in various fields such as education and finance all over the world.
“I came to work for a year with a project sponsored by the African Development Bank,” said Stella Guelleu Dopgima, one of the graduates of Ewha-KOICA. “It was very challenging and my minister actually wanted to see how I could put theory into practice after I earned my master’s degree. I did my best and it was very successful. I have also been recruited as an assistant lecturer in Pan African Institute for Development where I teach Gender and Development. I can proudly say that I am applying my knowledge and lessons.”
Ewha-KOICA students also dream of being role models as women leaders in the future.
“Going back to Egypt with a refreshed mind and renovated thinking will encourage other women to follow my foot steps and be leaders of their own lives,” said Salma Gabril (International Studies, Graduate School), who works in the Egyptian Ministry of International Cooperation.


Reporters: Chung Che-yoon & Lee Sang-ha

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