Ewha celebrates Arbor Day by planting trees
Ewha celebrates Arbor Day by planting trees
  • Mun Mi-kyung
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President Kim Sun-Uk and Ewha students planting pear blossm trees, the symbol of Ewha Womans University. Photo provided by Ewha Womans University.

Ewha celebrated Arbor Day in front of the Pfeiffer Hall on April 4. The purposes of the ceremony were to plant pear blossom trees, the symbol of Ewha Womans University, and to contribute  making a greener campus.
The ceremony was conducted under the speech and instruction of the vice president for the Office of Financial Affairs, Lee Myung-hwi (Economics), while president Kim Sun-Uk planted commemorative pear blossom trees with students.
“More pear blossom trees on campus build the school’s image and is a step closer to decreasing environmental pollution and creating a more sustainable development,” president Kim said.
President Kim wishes students to have stronger affection toward Ewha, care about the universities’ future and actively participate in preserving the environment.
“What started as small saplings turned out to be magnificent blossoming pear trees that make Ewha one of the most beautiful campuses in Korea,” president Kim said. “Just as Ewha has overcome numerous difficulties, we hope that the pear blossom trees would do the same and create a greener campus.”
To encourage students to care about the environment and to celebrate the meaning of the upcoming 127th anniversary, Kim prepared 127 flower seed packages and gave one to each student at the end of the ceremony. 
“We hope students would look back and think more about the meaning of becoming an Ewha student when they look at pear tree flowers blooming in the spring.” president Kim said.

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