New semester, starting point for everything new
New semester, starting point for everything new
  • Cho Hye-lin
  • 승인 2013.03.14 20:19
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Cho Hye-lin
(International Office Administration, 3)

Anyone who starts something for the first time feels nervous. Even the people who are accustomed to their jobs say, “It is always nerve-wracking to know that still so many things are left to do.”
However, as the saying “well begun is half done” goes, the most important thing is to “start” whatever you want.
March is the best month for planning. In Korea, almost all students – from elementary school to university – start their new school year in March.
This is the reason why we, including students at Ewha, feel extremely busy in the first few weeks of this month.Many students seek for extracurricular activities to enjoy and to exchange information.
These days, we can also see a lot of curious freshmen or seniors waiting for their dreams to come true. Some students seem busy matching their timetables with friends while others seem confused about what they should do in the future.
Then someone might have questions such as “What should we do to find the right path?” or “Is it all right to do these activities while other students are busy studying?”
Frankly speaking, there are no perfect answers to these questions. However, no matter what you do, you should remember that there should be “desire” and a “clear objective” for your goal because that is where it all begins.
Remember the first time you were excited. Was it because of the surrounding environment or because of your pure interest in that field?
Interestingly, most successful achievements root from people’s own interests. For instance, if there are two people with different interests but seek to pursue the same path, who do you think would have more opportunities to succeed?
It is hard to generalize, but the person who has the passion and interest will be more proactive than others. Thus, doing things that are interesting would probably be an effective, evocative way to boost one’s desire.
Also, before planning to start something, we should set goals with a clear purpose. It is not so important whether you choose to study or to sign up for clubs you are interested in. The important thing is whether you have made choices with a clear objective. If there is a distinct purpose, then there will be a way to succeed.
It is sure that we get confused when we confront the time to make decisions. We all know that the “first thing” is really hard to be finished.
Napoleon Hill once said that weak desires bring weak results, just as a small spark of a fire makes a small amount of heat. If you find yourself lacking in persistence, this weakness may be remedied by a stronger fire for your desires.
My fellow students of Ewha, do not hesitate to ignite the match you are holding, because that could be the starting point of your dream.
It is now the beginning of a new semester with fresh things. Good luck with your new plans.

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