Fu Jen welcomes students
Fu Jen welcomes students
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The main gate of Fu Jen Catholic University welcomes the students. Photo provided by Pei Yu Tsai.

I am studying in a school which has a beautiful campus that lets students feel not only comfortable but also warm.
Fu Jen Catholic University is the first university in China to be established by the Catholic Church. Moved by Christians’ understanding of love and inspired by the high ideals of Confucian education, it has adopted the name “Fu Jen” to express its universal vision and mission accomplished by holistic education in the Chinese cultural context.
With its 80 years of history, it educates students to achieve physical, social, intellectual, aesthetic, moral and spiritual development. The university also hopes to serve society through various additional academic programs and community services. Aided by extensive scientific research, Fu Jen strives for an integration of Western and Chinese cultural values as well as well-being and world solidarity.
For the formation of students, the university provides a well-balanced division between general education and professional training with an emphasis on humanistic discipline, which helps students foster sentiments and enrich their lives when they start their careers after graduation. Moreover, to stimulate international academic exchange and collaboration and to promote cultural dialogue, the university has established sister school relationships with universities worldwide.
Fu Jen has formed a community consisting of students and professors closely bonding with each other for the students to become well rounded and to learn goodness, beauty and holiness. Students can always find a way to solve problems by discussing with professors, who always try their best to help them.
Fu Jen is especially lovely around Christmas time, because the campus is decorated beautifully.
On Christmas, the university president and students gather at the main gate of the university for the annual “Christmas Light Kindling Ceremony” to experience solidarity, unity and joy. From then, countless lights and colorful decorations beautify the main road, the sidewalks and the buildings every evening from 5 p.m. until midnight. The Christmas message “hope, peace, love, joy” written in bold letters completely drapes down the church building’s facade. The big circular area, right in front of the church, features an open-air exhibition of student activities done throughout the year. All is inspiring and beautiful to behold. That is why the campus always appears to be beautiful and meaningful during the Christmas season.
Fu Jen is committed to integrate Chinese culture and Christian faith, promote genuine knowledge through academic research, develop the society, and advance the humankind.

* Pei Yu Tsai is currently studying at Ewha as an exchange student.

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