Ewha Womans University Library renovates facilities
Ewha Womans University Library renovates facilities
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The Ewha Womans University Library reopened on March 2 after renovations were finished.The first floor and the basement have changes made in both their floor structures and facilities.
During the renovation, several rooms were changed to open up more space and thus accommodate more student users.
On the first floor, Reading Room 4 has been turned into a Laptop Computer Room, the old Laptop Computer Room into a Group Audio Visual Room, and the former Reading Room 3 and PC Lab into a new lounge for students to rest in.
The basement also has changes in the reading rooms and cafeteria.
Reading Room 2 has turned into a PC Lab, Reading Room 1 has been renovated to comply with more students since Reading Rooms 2, 3, and 4 were turned into other facilities, and the cafeteria has equipped new facilities for the greater convenience of students.
The library also installed new digital lockers and seminar rooms.
“The renovation was planned several years ago, and we have been continuously requesting it due to the lack of space and deterioration of the facilities,” said an official from the library who wished to remain anonymous.
“Also, a place for students to communicate, rest and enjoy their leisure activity, and additional rooms for them were much needed. We hope that the library can be a place for education, research and culture for all members of Ewha.”
The Ewha Womans University Library is currently requesting new building and additional renovations on the second to fifth floors, but no detail is available yet as the request is still in process.

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