Ewha students vote on most significant campus news of 2012 4
Ewha students vote on most significant campus news of 2012 4
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Ewha finishes construction on the Science Building D

Illustration by Jeong Hyeon-joo

Construction of the Science Building D ranked the third most memorable event, with 87 votes.
The building is prepped with  advanced laboratories, classrooms, and professors’ offices.
The construction is said to have solved the problem of a lack of educational space for students of the College of Natural Sciences.
“Now the students of the College of Natural Sciences can study in reading rooms,” Heo Su-kyung (Life Sciences, 3) said. “It is also nice to use more spacious laboratories.”
The completion of the construction was welcomed by many students partly due to the inconvenience caused during the 2-year-long construction period.
“I was so glad to hear the construction was over since it was inconvenient during the construction from 2010,” Oh Jeong-eun (International Studies, 4) said. “There was too much noise and dust around the construction site.”

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