They do not make-up the entire picture
They do not make-up the entire picture
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Personal reflection on Chinese tourists at Ewha
Yang Feifei
 (Psychology, 3)

Walking through Ewha with the trees shedding leaves to the ground, it is easy to witness tourists sightseeing the seasonal view and taking pictures of the beautiful campus. However, these tourists are not looked upon with much positivity.
Lately, I have encountered several articles in the newspapers which reads, “Chinese people are too noisy,” or “Chinese people have no manner.” However, this is not the case with all Chinese people. Thus I am writing this column, hoping to shed some light on the matter.
Though China has opened its door for foreign citizens to enter upon its land, the Chinese citizens have fewer opportunities to travel abroad. There are only 17 countries Chinese people can go to without a visa and most of them are located in Africa. This contrasts with Koreans, who can easily obtain visas into many countries around the world.
In a state when traveling to different countries has become easier than before, it is a common for people to wish to travel abroad. The same goes for the people of China. Yet the barrier that stands between the Chinese people and their wish to travel is the small pool of destinations to choose from. The small handfuls of countries Chinese people can go to are either too distant, or have a tedious process of visa application.
This is why many Chinese people choose to come to Korea: because of the short flight over and the simple visa application procedures.
In addition, China is a country which holds a population of 1.5 billion people. Without a doubt, not all 1.5 billion people of China have received quality education. Not all people can hold the same level of intelligence. Some people will be smart, while others will not be the brightest bulb in the bunch, and it is not as if those dull bulbs can be forced to remain in the country.
I heard that a professor at Ewha experienced Chinese tourists abruptly entering the classroom and taking pictures while the class was still in session. I would like to give my sincerest apologies for this disturbance. Even though they were Chinese like me, I am still very ashamed of what they have done. However, I would like to ask my fellow Ewha students for your understanding. It is difficult to say that the tourists just lost their way around the Ewha campus, but I can get where they are coming from.
For a lot of Chinese people, it is not an easy feat to travel abroad. For all we know, that one trip some Chinese take may be the only opportunity for them to travel abroad, so as tourists they could be even more excited while traveling.
I admit the wrongdoings of the intrusion that happened on campus; however I would like for the students at Ewha to become a bit more accepting of the matter.
As I have stated earlier, the people of one country cannot all have the same level of education or intelligence. The People’s Republic of China is still under development and holds many inadequacies. Please do not judge an entire nation and its people based on the ill actions of only a few.
China also has a lot of good people. I would like it if Ewha students do not hold a bad image against all Chinese people because of the actions of a few individuals. I would sincerely appreciate your time and thought.

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