Ewha places fourth in producing law school students
Ewha places fourth in producing law school students
  • Chung Che-yoon
  • 승인 2012.11.12 14:01
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Illustration by Kahng Sun-woo

According to the Ministry of Justice, Ewha has placed the fourth in producing law school freshmen among domestic universities from the introduction of the law school in 2009. A total of 577 Ewha graduates were enrolled in 25 law schools, with 1,678 students from Seoul National University, 1,269 from Korea University, and 1, 147 from Yonsei University. “The result proves Ewha’s consistent effort to find suitable careers for students, encouraging students not only to apply for jobs, but also to choose to study further for their future,” said the manager of the evaluation team from the Office of University Planning and Coordination (OUPC), who wishes to remain anonymous. Since the introduction of the new law school system in Korea in 2009, Ewha has consistently produced graduates who passed the entrance exam for 25 law schools during the four consecutive years, along with Seoul National University, Korea University, Yonsei University, Hanyang University, and Kyunghee University. “The school will support students to choose their own way, not limiting them to their majors,” the manager of the OUPC said. “Ewha will try its best to provide a systematic career development and broader education to foster competitive individuals in our community.”

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