Yonsei University tightens regulation on course retake policy
Yonsei University tightens regulation on course retake policy
  • Ahn In-kyeong
  • 승인 2012.10.12 13:08
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The Academic Department of Yonsei University announced its renewed course retake policy prohibiting unregulated course retakes on Sept. 26.
The new policy limits retakes but allows retakes up to three courses in the following exceptional situations: The student is proved to have suffered an ailment or to have been under a financial distress.
The reformed policy will be in effect to newly enrolling students from year 2013. Yonsei said its reform was to restore the credibility of its Grade Point Average (GPA) system.
“The previous course retake policy has been a clean-up system that helps students build up higher GPAs,” an official from the Academic Department of Yonsei, who wishes to stay anonymous, said. “Such actions practiced by the students in turn, made the GPAs lose its credibility from companies and graduate schools.” 
The regulation is also expected to enhance educational environment.
“The new policy is to reduce the negative effects of course retakes, such as distracting class atmosphere,” the official added.
Initially, Yonsei announced the abolishment of course retake policy without the exceptional clause on Sept. 11.
The 49th Student Government of Yonsei, Focus On, soon actively opposed to the announcement for the students will have fewer opportunities to raise their GPAs as retakes are completely abolished.
“I think the new policy underlies that the shcool is abolishing the course retakes for the retakes will be allowed only under extreme conditions,” Lee Min-jeong (Yonsei University, 1) said.
Meanwhile, some students were in favor of the new policy. 
“I agree with the school’s decision because now with the introduction of the new GPA system, GPAs can actually reflect the students’ efforts,” Lee Ji-hyun (Yonsei University, 2) said.
Other universities showed various responses regarding the decision of Yonsei University. Some even showed reconsiderations on their current course retake policy.
“We are considering the abolition of the course retake policy as well,” Lee Dong-jin, a registrar of Seoul National University said. “But we are not officially considering of the abolishment yet.”

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