Ewha Fall Sports Day reinforces unity
Ewha Fall Sports Day reinforces unity
  • Chung Che-yoon
  • 승인 2012.09.30 14:43
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The Ewha Culture Designers (ECD), a student group organizing cultural events and activities, held the “2012 Ewha Fall Sports Day” starting at 5:30 p.m. on Sept. 24 at the Ewha Athletics Track next to the Main Gate.It was organized to strengthen unity among Ewha students at no charge. And about 160 Ewha students participated in the event.“I hope the participants liked the event, since we tried to organize it from the students’ point of view,” said Yu Eun-been (Television and Film, 3), one of the members of the ECD. “Moreover, I believe that it was a perfect chance for all students to unite in a fresh start with the onset of the fall semester.”The theme of the 2012 Ewha Fall Sports Day was “The Chosun Dynasty Period,” which aimed at recalling the old times of Korea. The activities were comprised of traditional Korean sports games: A relay race, a contest of tossing balls into a basket, an attempt at breaking bak (Korean gourd), and a tug-of-war test of strength.Some students were able to recall their childhood memories.“It helped me reminisce about my old days in elementary school, when I had no worries and pressures in my life,” said Song In-young (Social Science, 1).Not just the participants, but also the members of the ECD were very satisfied with the 2012 Ewha Fall Sports Day.“We were truly glad to organize such an event that all Ewha students could enjoy together,” said Seo Seul-ki (Statistics, 3), a member of the ECD. “The ECD is looking forward to planning various events like this in the future.”

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