Knowledge Sharing: Progress and Prospects 5
Knowledge Sharing: Progress and Prospects 5
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ITL continues to look forward for further services

The ITL is working to improve services within Knowledge Sharing. To serve as a basis, the ITL is developing a contents repository system which will work as a database for the produced virtual contents. Once contents are continuously gathered and stored in this database and a successful system infrastructure will be made.
At the moment the database is composed of lectures and seminars, but the ITL looks forward to diversify contents.
“Gradually, we wish to see entire semester lectures, concerts, performances, and other contents created in Ewha to be added,” said Jo Il-Hyun (Educational Technology), the head of ITL. “Taking a step further, it would be ideal if contents by and of the students can also be included.”

* Reporter: Ko Min-seok & Chung Che-yoon & Lee Sang-ha
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