Knowledge Sharing: Progress and Prospects 2
Knowledge Sharing: Progress and Prospects 2
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Ewha channels on YouTube EDU

YouTube EDU provides educational videos, including those by universities and global leaders. It offers videos from channels owned by its partners, and Ewha has recently become a partner of YouTube EDU.
Ewha is the first Korea university to launch a channel on YouTube EDU. Ewha has released seven courses from the Global Online Campus, ten lectures from the Ewha Academy for Advanced Studies (EAAS), and eight special lectures to spread knowledge to the world as the hub of women’s education. Ewha plans to provide more than 30 videos on education, school information, and cyber-campus manuals. More courses will be added on YouTube EDU throughout the semester.
Distinguished fellows from EAAS who have approved the release of their lectures have positive views regarding the service.
“I believe that the lectures that I have presented in academia are not only my possession, but are ones that anyone can share,” emeritus professor Lee Hai-soon said. “It would be admirable if all the good talents and knowledge that Ewha professors and students have are shared with society.”

* Reporter: Ko Min-seok & Chung Che-yoon & Lee Sang-ha
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