Ewha launches brand site on YouTube EDU
Ewha launches brand site on YouTube EDU
  • Ko Min-seok
  • 승인 2012.09.18 09:24
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Ewha has launched its own brand site on the YouTube EDU channel starting from Aug. 16.
Starting with Ewha, YouTube EDU will set up a channel for Korea and continue collaborating with various other educational institutions in the country.
“The Institute for Teaching & Learning (ITL) is working to contribute to society by providing diverse knowledge produced in Ewha,” said Jo Il-Hyun (Educational Technology), the head of ITL. “We see this as an opportunity to share the knowledge Ewha possesses to the international audience.”
Ewha is planning to share its contents through other channels as well. The opening of lectures, seminars, colloquiums and ceremonies are part of Ewha’s Knowledge Sharing undertaking.
Knowledge Sharing is a part of a larger umbrella, Virtual Ewha. Starting this fall semester of 2012, Knowledge Sharing is officially kicking off, including precise subsections such as YouTube EDU, Ewha OCW, KOCW, and others.
For further information, read the feature article on Virtual Ewha on page 5.

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