Complaints reported, registered and solved 2
Complaints reported, registered and solved 2
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OIC lengthens period of using Wif-Fi ID on campus

The Office of Information and Communications (OIC) lengthened the reissuing period of IDs for Olleh Wi-Fi, the campus wireless service provider, which has allowed students to freely gain wireless Internet access on campus since the spring semester of 2012.
The previous Olleh Wi-Fi ID system required students to have their IDs reissued after a maximum of three months. Now, students can use the same ID for a maximum of one year without having it renewed.
Students welcome the extension and complaints about the inconvenience of the system have diminished.
“Since it has been a hassle renewing my Wi-Fi ID every three months, I am very satisfied with the new system that allows a reissuing period of one year,” Ahn Hee-min (International Studies, 1) said.

* Reporter: Hur Jin & In So-young & Oh Seo-jin

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