OGA relocates Ewha shuttle bus station
OGA relocates Ewha shuttle bus station
  • Oh Seo-jin
  • 승인 2012.08.31 11:43
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Illustration by Kwon Eun-bi

The Ewha shuttle bus station, originally located in front of Ewha Womans University Subway Station’s third exit, was relocated to an area approximately 30 meters away from the previous one on Aug. 13. Relocation was necessary to provide adequate space for the bus to station and students to wait without suffering from traffic congestion. Since the previous bus station had been located near a crosswalk consistently surrounded by hordes of pedestrians, students had inevitably suffered from immense traffic. In addition, students did not have a choice but to wait in a long line that extended all the way to the inside of the subway station. Students were not the only ones expressing complaints; pedestrians, passing cars, and nearby stores had also reported on their grievances. “The previous station had been installed in that particular place for students to locate it at first sight,” said Kim Hye-kyung, an official in the Office of General Administration (OGA). “But relocation was needed for students’ physical convenience. The current location of the stop has enough space for the bus to station safely and for the students to wait in line without causing any further traffic congestions. The OGA has been posting signs informing the new location around the previous and current bus station.

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