Knowing your own body shape for styling
Knowing your own body shape for styling
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One of the famous Asian British bloggers noted that she does not care about her body shape when it comes to personal styling. This confidence is what makes her look fashionable but it is her privilege and not for some people without a model-like body. Unfortunately, this kind of confidence she has rarely exists among the majority of us.
When college students, like I go shopping, we tend to assume that we are at a default mode. The term default holds several meanings; one is the reference to a financial debtor, and the other is a terminology used in computer programs such as default system. I mean by default as in, we assume every customer at this store has the exact same body shape, including ourselves. We start off the wrong side.
Let’s give ourselves a situational example. Your friend buys a pair of elegant ankle strap heels that looks amazing.
All the other friends of hers think they are worth the cost, but the next day you see her toes and skin being eaten up by those heels. It’s a nightmare and you cannot tell her the truth that those heels are just not for her feet.
 Well, you get the idea now. Some shoes look great as they are in those show windows, but just not well fitted to everyone’s uniquely shaped toes and ankles.
We all need to be aware of our body shapes before shopping for items.
Unless you have a personal shopper, unless you are a designer, unless you have money rotting in your bank account, I suggest you to wake up and observe your body carefully once in a while.
No matter how hard you try to copy off the look of famous models and celebrities like Alexa Chung, Jang Yoon-joo or Lauren Conrad or a 170 cm-tall fashion blogger, you are not going to look well-fitted in the clothes you own nor look like yourself.
Even though you might think you do look chic and elegant, you will definitely not be seen as a chic and elegant fashionista because fashion is all about proportions and confidence.
I also recommend exploring  options of one’s own body shape. 
Petite size does not imply one as a short person but rather a term used to indicate women who are below 160 cm. More specifically, according to the Cambridge University Press dictionary, it is petite body shape. I know that I am quite petite even in the Asian world. Might not be skinny, but not chubby at all. I tend to have relatively long legs given the short height, and also not at all curvy.
To sum up this blog post, I’d like to share a number of tips. 1)Don’t wear long sun dresses or evening dresses that have a trail on the back. 2) If I have done so, alter it so it does not touch the floor to a minimum. 3) Never wear low waist pants, jeans, skirts unless showing skin near the torso. 4) No ankle straps with belts. Ankle straps are only allowed if a large part of the foot is showing. 5) Black mini dresses or long dresses should be avoided since it makes me look even more petite than normal. If worn, lengthen the body by wearing a contrasting color top (blazer, bolero, jacket, cardigan, necklace, earrings, etc).

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