Embracing 2003 In Retrospect
Embracing 2003 In Retrospect
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"Do not the most moving moments of our lives find us without words?"
-Marcel Marceau-

Indeed the powerful creativity he had did not miss the most moving moments of his life, for Marcel Marceau lived a life acclaimed as the world"s greatest mime of all times. His quote touches our hearts as we remember the very special moments of movements that moved us without words.
There are times when we pass by other people"s good intentions without ever taking notice of them but rather take them for granted. If you are prone to do this, it would be great to tell your friends how grateful you are for everything before the year ends.

"In three words I can sum up everything I have learned about life: It goes on."
-Robert Frost-

From a small town schoolteacher, a cobbler, and his later career as an editor of Lawrence Sentinel and a poet, we see that the path becoming a well-known American literary figure was somewhat convoluted for Robert Frost. He had his ups and downs, but never gave up. He offered his best under all circumstances because he realized that life went on no matter what.
Sometimes people feel miserable about one"s failures as if the world would end, but like Robert Frost reminds himself, life goes on. Try to leave those sad feelings behind and move on.

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