Ewha’s management of international student body 2
Ewha’s management of international student body 2
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Ewha’s efforts behind its policies concerning international students

▲ In the Korean level three class, international students pay attention to their teacher as she instructs them to divide into partners and converse about their favorite Korean song.
Ewha qualifies in the top 5 percent in an evaluation of the rate of both outbound and inbound exchange students. Ewha was also marked as notable for its medical checkup for international students, requirement of basic level in the Test of Proficiency in Korean, and differential rate of scholarship for international students.
In the October of 2011, a total of 430 international students were enrolled in Ewha – 199 as undergraduate and 231 as graduate students. The Office of Admission, Ewha Language Center, and the Office of Global Affairs cooperated to attract and select international students. Ewha also promoted its brand name to recruit more international students by not only contacting many embassies and partner universities, but also participating in international education fairs.
Compared to other universities, Ewha was proven to manage international students well on their campus lives and academic affairs.
To lessen international students’ housing cost, Ewha allows international students to apply for rooms in Hanwoori Hall and the Graduate School Dormitories, as Korean students at Ewha can.
Currently, about 40 percent of Ewha’s international students live on campus.
The scholarship policies at Ewha are also designed to give significant financial assistance to international students.
“The International Exchange Scholarship is a portion of Ewha’s scholarships that is set aside for just international students,” said an official of the Office of Global Affairs who wished to remain anonymous.
Other scholarships available for international students vary from omitting the entrance fee to a full scholarship for four years, and students in the Ewha Global Partnership Program are entitled to scholarships for four years to the max.

Aside from the help with basic living costs, Ewha offers various programs to international students. The OGA holds an orientation and a welcoming ceremony before the school year starts to give international students useful information they need to kick off successfully at Ewha.
In addition to the Mini Olympics and the Global Festival, which the OGA sponsors throughout the school year, events such as the International Cultural Festival and the Korean Speaking Contest hosted by other institutions at Ewha allow international students to experience Korean culture and the home countries of other students.
“Ewha’s institutions hold such programs for international students, giving a genuine welcome and helping them become more familiar and comfortable with the Korean language and school life that awaits them,” the official of the OGA said.

* Reporter: Kim Jin-ah & Chung Yoon-young & Lee Hea-won

* E-mail: jakim90@ewhain.net & yychung@ewhain.net &heawon_lee@ewhain.net

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