Ewha students spread sense of “Ewha Unity”
Ewha students spread sense of “Ewha Unity”
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Student expressing affection toward Ewha through hoodie designs and melodies

▲ Lee Su-min (International Office Administration, 4) produces Ewha inspired hoodies online to the students since 2009. Lee and her helpers distribute the hoodies to students on Nov. 18.
Ewha student shows her love towards Ewha with hoodies

A thousand hooded sweatshirts were colorfully piled up all over the wooden steps at the Ewha Campus Complex from the second basement floor to the third on Nov. 18. Students were lined up to pick up their preordered “Ewha Hoodies” with Ewha-inspired illustrations.
Lee Su-min (International Office Administration, 4), the designer of Ewha Hoodies, continued her project to make school’s hooded sweatshirts since December 2009. She started the project for herself and painted the illustration for these special Ewha Hoodies all by herself in the beginning without intention of selling them to anyone else.
“I wondered why there weren’t any wearable school hooded sweatshirts on campus. I wanted to wear cute hooded sweatshirts like those from Nikes and so on, but the sweatshirts at the school gift shops were, well, not typically pretty,” Lee said.
Lee, who has no proper education in arts or designing, started making the illustration for the sweatshirts. She then produced her signature illustrations, Ewha logo popping out and the pear blossoms.
“I uploaded the photo of the finished shirts on the school’s community site, Ewhaian. A lot of the students liked it and the students started asking if I could make some for them,” Lee said.
Lee made around 90 to 100 at first and since then, the project became annual. This year, she printed about a thousand sweatshirts for the students who preordered on the Web site.
Lee feels the most proud when she sees students in the sweatshirts on campus she designed.
“I was taking a large-sized class once and spotted a lot of students wearing the sweatshirts I designed,” Lee said. “I just feel grateful for the students who like my hooded sweatshirts.”

Ewha Where Change Begins cheers hearts of Ewha students

▲ Ewha’s new pep song includes appealing lyrics that enourage Ewha students.

On the last day of Ewha chapel’s 2011 Thanksgiving week, Ewha’s new pep song filled the Welch-Ryang Auditorium. The lyrics seemed to touch Ewha students as they listened attentively and hummed the melody as they stepped out into the cool winter breeze of the campus. The song was written by Lee Ko-woon (Keyboard, 4) who is also a part of Ewha’s heroines to change the world like the school’s slogan.
“I tried to make a song that embraces the liveliness of Ewha students,” Lee said.
Lee wrote her pep song, “Ewha Where Change Begins,” for the first Ewha Pep Song Contest, held by Ewha Culture Designers to celebrate the 125th anniversary of Ewha. After the careful pep song screening of professors and tallying up the students’ vote, Lee’s song won the honor of the first place.
“The voting rate was relatively low compared to the number of downloads, but when publicized, the reaction of students was great,” said Lee Ha-jin (Human Movement and Performance, 3), the president of Ewha Culture Designers.
Lee Ko-woon started composing a song that has appealing lyrics in which Ewha students can feel pride in their school.
“When writing the lyrics, I found out the school’s slogan, which later became the title for my song,” Lee said.
As Lee was not quite a singer herself, she searched for acquaintance singer who has the right tone for her song.
“Since I had studied practical music, I could easily find a friend who had a voice tone that fit this song,” Lee said.
However, Lee cautiously revealed a secret hidden in this number one pep song.
“When you listen to the last chorus, there is only one chorus part when there has to be two. But I just left it the way it is since that will be one of the amateur mistakes I can embrace as a precious reminiscence,” Lee said. “Ewha students were undergoing a difficult time dealing with the malicious comments on the Internet this summer. I wish that this pep song can encourage students to feel strong and proud of being women of Ewha.”

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