Discovering vintage Seoul in Hwanghak-dong 3
Discovering vintage Seoul in Hwanghak-dong 3
  • Park Se-ra & Oh Yoon
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Underground artist share talents underground

▲ Artworks made by the artists are displayed in the hallway of Seoul Art Space_Sindang.
One of the four major traditional markets, Seoul Jungang Market, which is 15 minute-walk away from the Seoul Folk Flea Market, has a hidden space underground for artists, named Seoul Art Space_Sindang. The underground arcade of Seoul Jungang Market was selected as one of the spaces for the Seoul Art Space to carry on their project to support artists with space to work and also to create an opportunity for the artists to share their talents with the local community in October 2009.
Unlike many other national or public residency programs that evolve around fine arts, Seoul Art Space_Sindang focuses more on handcrafts. Also, the events held at the Seoul Art Space_Sindang are more lasting than other one-off events that aim to activate traditional markets.
Forty artists jumped and absorbed into the market and communicated with the people. The artists create the following handicrafts: natural lacquer, fiber art, book art, craft made with silks and satins, enamel craft, Korean traditional embroidery, glass art, ceramic craft, metal craft, illustration and more.
Resident artists at Seoul Art Space_Sindang open their participatory workshops to encourage participation for free cultural activities such as incubator programs, art exhibitions, art markets, hallway decorating activities, remodeling stores, outdoor activities involving painting on walls of alleyways around Hwanghak-dong, and more.
One of the most popular programs for this year’s fall is the “I’m an Artist too”, a program which you can learn how to make one’s own unique ceramics, accessories, books, household goods, and others. The program is available for free every Saturday from 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.
▲ Traditional Korean quilt pouch by an artist at Seoul Art Space_Sindang, Kim Tae-ja.

For further information about other programs at Seoul Art Space_Sindang, visit the Web site of Seoul Art Space_Sindang ( or call (02) 2232-8833.
“We highly recommend the boudoir craft program provided by Kim Tae-ja for foreign exchange students,” said Kim Ji-yeon, an official at the Seoul Art Space_Sindang.

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