Letter To The Editor
Letter To The Editor
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  • 승인 2002.11.06 00:00
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First of all, I would like to thank the Ewha Voice for devoting the time and effort to publish a monthly English newspaper. I am fascinated by the second-hand experiences I get from the articles. This time, I would like to ask of you to handle a topic concerned with the conscience of Ewha students.
As you know, there are many students who study in the library during the midterm and the final exam period. I am also one of the many students studying in the Centennial Library when exam period comes.
Although the library is a cozy and comfortable place to study, there has been serious problems with theft of personal belongings. Many students lost their pocketbooks, CD players, and other valuables. I see notes posted up on the message board looking for lost books or wallets constantly.
Though there are many people who get their possessions stolen, there are no regulations as of now to control student theft. I think it is shameful that university students have to worry about such problems in school library.
So I would like you to publish an article on the topic of student theft.

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