SCE runs lifelong education programs for disabled adults
SCE runs lifelong education programs for disabled adults
  • Jang Youn-hee
  • 승인 2011.10.03 20:28
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Ewha School of Continuing Education (SCE) announced on Sept.14 that it will institutionalize lifelong education programs for disabled adults. The Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (MEST) selected Ewha as one of the institutions along with four other universities: Kumoh National Institute of Technology, Baekseok University, Chungju National University, and Korea Polytechnic II.
The selected universities run 13 programs for 139 disabled people in all, and Ewha is the only university among them located in Seoul. The SCE runs two out of the 13 programs, with 13 participants. Among the five institutions, the SCE was appointed as the institution educating “health and safety supervision” and “economic life.”
Since 2001, the SCE has operated the Academy of Community Living for Persons with Developmental Disabilities under professor Park Seung-hee (Special Education). Two of the courses for the disabled are titled “Health Management of Adulthood” and “Economic Life of Adulthood.”
“There are very few institutions operated by the Department of Special Education, as Ewha and the SCE started running the academy before other institutions did,” Park said.
 MEST subsidized 24 million won for each university’s program. In addition, MEST is to give additional financial support some of the selected institutions that will satisfy high records in content and program managing for three years at most.
“Ewha’s educational infrastructure played a key role,” said Kong Jeong-sook, a faculty member at SCE. “We will try to ensure the best environment for a better education.”

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