KT starts Smart Campus service in Ewha Campus Complex
KT starts Smart Campus service in Ewha Campus Complex
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▲ Smart Campus, located at B404 in the Ewha Campus Complex, opens on Monday to Friday from 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. to provide help and experience with smart devices.
Korea Telecom (KT) launched the first Smart Campus, or a smart-phone learning center, at B404 in the Ewha Campus Complex (ECC) on June 29.
 “We launched the first Smart Campus especially in ECC due to the uniqueness of its location, where both Ewha students and people from outside can visit and stay. It allows us to target both groups,” said Kim Min-seob, the co-manager of Ewha Smart Campus.
The main purpose of this Smart Campus is to educate smart-phone users on how to utilize all functions and benefits smart phones provide.
 “We are to assist users in using their smart phones smartly so that they can improve the efficiency of their work and value of their lives,” said Kim Ye-lim, the manager of Smart Campus at Ewha.
As a start-off, Smart Campus opened classes on understanding iOS(iPhone Operating System) and Android, the basic OSs(Operating Systems) of smart phones along with one-to-one consulting sessions through which users can learn about their devices. Each class can accommodate 16 people. Since its opening, almost all classes have been filled with smart-phone users who want to learn how to maximize the benefits of their devices.
“I used my smart phone only to call, send text messages, and explore the Internet because I didn’t know how to use the other features. Then, I took a class at Smart Campus and came to understand how the general concept of how iPhone works,” Hwang Yeon-jae (Political Science, 1) said.
In addition to the OS classes, classes on other useful features, such as syncing which means transferring data from mobile devices to computers are projected to be provided as well. Regardless of the mobile carrier, anyone who wishes to participate in the classes or receive one-to-one coaching can use the services after making a reservation on the KT website (http://www.ollehsmartcampus.com).

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