Museum Tour: Hidden Potential Of Seeds Revealed
Museum Tour: Hidden Potential Of Seeds Revealed
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It is amazing to see something as tiny as a seed grow up to be a tall pine tree. Despite its small size, the seed has the ability to create larger and taller life. And to many students, who may be just starting in career that they hope to grow into, the seed is a hopeful metaphor.
But if you are interested in a more factual perspective, the Natural History Museum, located next to the Fine Arts Building, is currently displaying everything there is to know about seeds, from their structure to their dispersal process, for its special exhibition titled ?romise of Life, Seed. The exhibition covers each aspect of the seed? life intensively and emphasizes seeds importance as a natural resource. The exhibition will last until April 30, 2005 and will be open to both students and the general public.
Passing through the main entrance of the Natural History Museum, you will face a banner hung vertically saying ?romise of Life, Seed. On the fourth floor, there is a diorama of the ecosystem of Korea that makes you feel you are in the midst of nature. Start out being part of the ecosystem of the sea area and, once you reach the forest, you will see the doorway that leads to the world of seeds.
Models show how seeds are dispersed by animals, insects, or the wind. On one side of the wall, an animation titled ?ea, Palm, and Pine Tree directed by Professor Choi Yoo-mi (Design) is projected, explaining how different types of seed disperse themselves, sprout, and struggle to survive.
?y dealing from the basic to the advanced information on seeds, the exhibition targets a wide range of age groups. We hope the students will develop more interest in genotype protection. Since the economic crisis in 1997 many of our domestic companies related to seeds have been sold to foreign buyers and the outflow of seeds has become a significant issue, says Seo Su-yuan, a researcher at the museum.
However, there were hardly any sign that directs the way to the museum. Even inside the museum, there was no one to be seen to ask questions. To add, promotion of the museum has been too weak to attract Ewhaians.

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