Ewha students under care from security guards
Ewha students under care from security guards
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▲ Lee Il-woong, the security guard of the ECC, (middle) is holding a card saying “Thankyou”, written by students. Park Sun-young (Media Studies, 1) (left) and Lee Kyungeun(Media Studies, 1) (right) pose with Lee.
As mid-term arrives, Ewha students start the battle to get their seats in libraries. Unfortunately, not all of them are lucky to win this brutal battle. Dozens who failed to get any seats in the library start to wander around school, looking for some place to study and look for some place to study since their passion to study would drop down rapidly as they go back home. The light shed for them as they find some classrooms not closed yet. They finally got a place to study. Did somebody forget to lock the door by accident?
The ones who were attentive enough to consider students’ troubles and let the classroom door open during the mid-term are security guards of Ewha, who guard the campus for 24 hours a day.
“Since many students look for places to study during the mid-term, I keep them open. I don’t think of it just as a duty. I love doing Ewha students some favor since they are always so kind and nice to us. They never forget to say hello to me when passing by,” said Kim Dong-yeul, who has been working in Ewha-POSCO Building as a security guard for four years.
It’s not just the exam period when security guards open classrooms for wandering students.
“One day I had to stay at school till night, and I was sitting in the lobby of the International Education Building. Then, Mr. Kim Jun-ho, the security guard of the International Education Building, opened a classroom for me saying he is worried if I would catch a cold. I felt so grateful,” said Kim Yoo-jin (International Studies, 2).
Kim used to work in the Art & Design Building before moving into the International Education Building. Since students majoring in art usually stay up night in school doing Yajak (Short term for Yagan Jakup, which means the overnight working in Korean) he could build friendly relationships with art major students.
 “Art & Design Building is full of students in day and night. I loved the vividness. Sometimes I gave students something to eat, like snacks. I wish they would not skip dinners too often though I understand how busy they are,” he said.
 Students in the Art & Design Building recall him as a very kind and humorous character, who used to take a careful attention to make students feel as comfortable as possible.
“I miss him so much. He used to keep the temperature of the classroom high, actually sometimes too high, when we were doing Yajak. Since I’m living apart from parents , his warm smile was a great comfort for me,” said Kim Sun-yeong (Art History, 3).
Lee Myung-ho, who has been working as a security guard in the Student Union Building for a year has a lot of interaction with students since the building is full of rooms for school clubs.
“I love seeing many students passionately participating in club activities. Their passion gives me positive energy. When I exchange nods with students I see their sincerity. That’s what makes me care Ewha students more attentively,” Lee said.
▲ Security guard in ECC, Lee Il-woong isworking in his office located in ECC.

 Thanks to the security guards’ efforts, Ewha students can cherish a comfortable campus life. To show their appreciation, students often send some short cards, or snacks to security guards. That’s why Ewha security guards’ rooms are always filled with the letters and gifts from students.
 “When I come back to my room after patrolling the campus, there are often some cards saying, ‘Thank you for your effort,’ and the snacks students left. I don’t know if I deserve all this kindness by just doing my job,” said Kim Jun-ho, a security guard of the International Education Building.

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