Ewha Festival celebrates new semester
Ewha Festival celebrates new semester
  • Park Kyung-min
  • 승인 2011.03.13 13:30
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To address the new semester and welcome freshmen, the Ewha Welfare Center is holding the Ewha Festival for five days from April 14 to 18. The festival, which will be held in Student Union Building, is going to be composed of various performances, such as musical and dance performances, and exhibitions.
Over the week, the performances will take place during the break times between third and fourth period, and fourth and fifth period.
In this semester, Pyrus, Hansori, Release and other clubs will perform their work during the festival. The performers consist of Ewha students, who have gone through the application process by the Ewha Welfare Center.
The Ewha Welfare Center welcomed all of those who are ready to devote their time to celebrate the festival. “As to the purpose of Ewha Festival, we try to accept every student’s application,” said An Yoon-jin from the Ewha Welfare Center.
Also, the teams who perform in the Ewha Festival receive financial and technical supports from the Ewha Welfare Center. “To encourage students who spend their time and effort to greet 2011 and freshmen, the Ewha Welfare Center gives financial support in form of scholarships,”An said. The amount is given according to the number of members in the team, in the range of 100,000 to 300,000 won. Also, the Ewha Welfare Center tries to prepare any necessary equipments for the performers.”
“It has been quite a time Pyrus participated in Ewha Festival, and Ewha Welfare Center has supported teams continually,said Lee Seung-yeon (Economics, 4) the leader of Pyrus. “Pyrus will hold the opening ceremony of this year’s Ewha Festival.”
The Ewha Festival began in 2004 and has been a biannual event ever since. “The festival has greeted its 8th anniversary, and it will be with Ewha students as long as it gives encouragement and energy to students,” An said.

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