New short-time lockers installed at ECC
New short-time lockers installed at ECC
  • Namkung Yoon
  • 승인 2011.03.13 13:25
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The Student Service Center (SSC) set up 80 new lockers attached to the outside wall of reading room two, which is located at B340 of the Ewha Campus Complex (ECC). This was previously the spot for locker C, but locker C has moved to where locker A was located.
These new lockers, which were installed Feb. 26, are toll lockers charging 100 won per three hours. If students do not take their materials after the arranged three hours, an additional 100 won will be charged for another three hours. The maximum deposit time is 15 days, and the materials that are not taken over 15 days will be stored at a container box right next to the lovkersfor another one month. The belongings will be discarded, after the final month of storage according to the policy.
Behind this establishment of the new short-time lockers at ECC, there are still some problems related to the shortage of lockers and high competition in applying for them that students have faced  at the beginning of every semester.
“ECC is a place with high accessibility among students, so many students prefer to have their own lockers at ECC. For the past few years, there has been a demand for an increase in number of lockers at the ECC and the SSC thought these short-time lockers will solve a little bit of the problem,” said Nam Kyeong-hee, the SSC senior clerical staff.
Students show appreciation to the SSC’s decision and are satisfied with the establishment of more lockers.
“It is good that the school is trying to improve students’ service by expanding the number of lockers. 100 won does not cost very much, so I think many people including students and outsiders will be able to use them willingly,” Kang Da-yeon (Education, 3) said.
However, some students also point out the problems of the new lockers with charges.
“Having only three hours to use the lockers with charges does not seem reasonable, considering the time that students spend when taking classes. Students usually use lockers to keep their belongings throughout the nighttime so that they can take them out the other day or few days later,” said Kwon Seok-won (English, 3).
Nam said that the SSC is going to continue checking the usage of these new short-time pay lockers.
“The SSC is doing its best to carry out students’ suggestions and demands. We hope that students take the most advantage of the new lockers,” Nam said.

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