Professor Suh’s last lecture
Professor Suh’s last lecture
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 Professor Suh Sook (English) gave a lecture on “Utopia and Dystopia in American Literature,” commemorating her retirement. The lecture took place on Nov. 19 at room 109 of Hak-gwan. During the hour long lecture, Suh showed her great knowledge and experience in American literature that came from more than 30 years of teaching and studying.

 The lecture started with a standing ovation from the 100 audience. Suh began by introducing American Literature she taught for 30 years and mentioned the beauty of American Literature as diverse characters carving their own fortune or fight against the quirk of fate.

 “The power that strongly led me for 30 years in the path of American Literature was the dynamic characters in the novels. They had passion to make the world a world a better place while going through despair and anguish,” Suh said.

 Suh also expressed her gratitude towards her lifelong colleagues.

 “I cannot believe this is my last time standing here conducting a lecture,” Suh said. “I truly enjoyed my 30 years at Ewha. I couldn’t have made it without the help of my dear students and colleagues. As a person who has great passion in American Literature, I tried my best to share my knowledge with students.”

 The impression Suh made on her students were evident even at her last lecture.

 “Professor Suh’s lecture was one of the most memorable, especially in the way she made witty jokes about the characters and her distinguished translation. I cannot believe that this is the last chance for me to hear her jokes from the podium,” Cho Han-vit (English Language and Literature, 2) said.

 Students also commented on how great her absence would be next year.

 “Suh’s unique translation of American fiction and her conversational power was legendary,” Oh Won-kyung (English Language and Literature, 2) said.

 Suh in turn, did not forget to encourage students on putting their best efforts to achieve their life goals.

 “That place in that time, be conscious and nervous,” Suh said.

* Professor Suh Sook, 64 years old, received her Ph.D from the University of Hawaii at Manoa in 1979. She served as a visiting professor at University of Oxford and Yale University in 1988 and 2001 respectively. Suh was a professor at the English department at Ewha since 1980. She then served as the dean of College of Liberal Arts from 2006 to July 2010. Suh was also the first tenured faculty member in 2007 to win the Best Translator Award given by Yoo Yeong Research Foundation.

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