Magic Pass hits snag
Magic Pass hits snag
  • Park Se-ra
  • 승인 2010.11.16 13:47
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 Magic Pass, a single sign on (SSO) computer program that integrates all Ewha information services through a single log-on system has hit a snag.

 According to posts on the EPIS (Ewha Portal Information System), a number of students are having problems with the Magic Pass for due to its inconvenience and are requesting improvements.

 Magic Pass only requires one log-in to EPIS, and users can access the mail service, message boards, Intranet, Cyber Campus, major school websites, as well as clubs, a schedule planner and search services. Users can customize their “My Home” page, check news and notices on the university website, use the academic calendar service and also check individual notices from the Centennial Library.

 However, students complain that the Magic Pass system has actually made trivial tasks more uncomfortable, such as printing out a bill.

 “The pop-ups keep telling me to install the ActiveX even though I did. It never works. It can be so irritating especially when I’m in a rush,” said Jang Young-shin (Public Administration, 3). ActiveX is a small program that connects web programs to the web page; and is available only for Internet Explorer. As a result, Vista or Macintosh users cannot install the program which is extremely inconvenient. However, the reasons behind the errors related to Active X are little known even to the Department of Information System Management.

 “The Magic Pass doesn’t work on a Macintosh, so I have to use the school computer lab all the time. But I found that uploading posts on the EPIS is impossible on other Windows XP computers that activate Magic Pass comparatively better too. I switched computers and tried several times but it still didn’t work,” said Hur Sun-young (Liberal Arts, 1).

 The initial intention of integrating the information systems was to better protect private information and enhance convenience. However, the school is in an awkward position themselves.

 “We do have separate instructions for Vista or Windows 7 users uploaded to the Ewha homepage at the IT support center that explains specifically, but not many are aware of them,” said Kim So-yun, the person in charge at the Department of Information System Management. “We are still seeking a solution for Macintosh users. The school’s information system structure and Macintosh’s security policies don’t match. That’s why Macintosh users cannot install Magic Pass and we are continuously discussing this problem. Recently we are thinking of bringing in a Virtualization Solution that will let users, regardless of what PC they are using, use Magic Pass. ”

 Ever since the post was uploaded and the department was informed that a number of students are having personal problems, faculty members are scurrying back to work. What relevance does this have?

 “Right now, we don’t have plans to change the program” Kim said. “We understand that students are having trouble but Magic Pass is necessary to strictly protect privacy from leaking out. We’re putting our heads together to get the program going and hopefully will send out good news soon.”

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