Twitter creates a bond between Ewha and students
Twitter creates a bond between Ewha and students
  • Park Se-ra
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 Ewha joined the active trend of activating campus Twitter accounts on Twitter ( in order to broaden the means of communication with students on campus through “tweets.”

 From late June, the Ewha Cyber Campus (@CyberCampus), Ewha Centennial Library (@ewhalib), Ewha Application Center (@ewhapp), Ewha Academy for Advanced Studies (@EwhaAcademy), Ewha MBA (@EWHAMBA), and the Ewha School of Business (@EWHAESB) started tweeting with students online.

 The Ewha Centennial Library ( attempts to interact with students through their very own tweets, as reflected in its first ever tweet: “Question! Where do you mostly get information about school events? We’re curious how to reach Ewha student twitter users and inform them about our campus Twitters.” 

 Students are now able to interact with the school, through their ideas, suggestions, and questions. They can receive immediate feedback regarding questions from classroom locations to facilities usage, through Ewha Twitter accounts.

 Not only the school itself, but students are also are actively using Twitter to communicate with their other campus folk. The Ewha dang was created three months ago, and now has more than two hundred student followers. A dang is a Twitter unit, which users create to widen their social network by gathering people who share similar interests with one another. 

 “Students as well as alumni enjoy sharing their thoughts and exchanging useful information on the Ewha dang,” said Lee Yoon-kyung (Media Studies, 2), the keeper of the Ewha dang. “I hope Ewha Twitter is worth reading.”
Besides school facilities, the school media center is also starting to activate its own accounts. Followers are able to read articles or receive up to date school announcements at any time. You too, can follow the Ewha Voice on Twitter at @Ewha_Voice!

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