Ewha launches its official mobile application for smart phones
Ewha launches its official mobile application for smart phones
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The Institute for Teaching and Learning (ITL) plans to launch the official mobile application of Ewha on the first week of September and October.
The application is going to exhibit various features. The three main features include: the admission guidelines, the Ewha Cyber Campus and the student-convenient information such as the information on shuttle bus and seat vacancies in reading rooms. Users also have access to the daily menus of five student cafeterias, campus map and campus phone book.
Students are welcoming the launching of the official mobile application of Ewha.
“The application would be so useful. I wouldn’t have to carry my laptop or find computers to enter school official Web site,” Shim Ji-yeon (International Studies, 2) said.
Under the lead of the ITL, many offices within Ewha including the Office of Admissions and the Office of University Planning and Coordination are cooperating with team of university student from diverse universities including Korea University and Sungshin Women’s University to develop the application further. Each office provides the ITL with useful information for like on-campus news.
“The Office of Information and Communications called Professor Park Sang-soo (Computer Science & Engineering) to introduce students developing mobile applications. That is how I got involved in developing the application,” said Park Sang-won (Computer & Electronics Engineering, 4), the leader of the application developing team Active Storyteller. “I am proud to develop this application and I think this opportunity makes students participate in Ewha’s important project.”
The ITL and student developers are going to upgrade this application with new functions. English version for foreign students is going to be launched. The developers are likely to add features like reserving reading room seats, registering courses, and spotting the location of shuttle buses with the Global Positioning System.
The ITL plans to launch the application for iPhones during the first week of September. However, the date could be delayed if the process of uploading the application takes long due to the changed rules of the iTunes store. The free application for Android Phones will be launched in October.

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