Tutoring program assists students
Tutoring program assists students
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TheInstitute ofTeaching and Learning (ITL) launched a tutoring program this spring semester to help students take courses conducted in English. With the support from the Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology, the ITL formed 21 teams, including 21 tutors and 52 tutees.



“We saw many students having difficulties with classes taught in English. Since taking such classes is mandatory at Ewha, we believed that there would be many students in need of some help,” said Dr. Yeonhee Kim, a researcher at the ITL.



In the tutoring program, each tutor is assigned one to five tutees. To become a tutor, a student should have received at least an A- in the class that she wants to tutor.



All applicants were made tutors this semester, the program’s first. However, Kim said, the ITL hopes for an increase in interest and looks forward to selecting tutors from a pool of applicants for next semester. Tutors received scholarships as much as 300,000 won and each study group met 10 times at study rooms designated by the ITL.



The classes tutored for this semester include Introduction to English Literature, Academic Writing 1, Statistics 1, Media and Society, Principle of Economics, General Biology 1, Education of Exceptional Children, and others.



During the semester, tutors shared their tactics with tutees to improve their performance in classes taught in English. For instance Yoon Ji-yeon (Chinese, 2), who has been a tutor for the Introduction to English Literature class this semester, taught her tutees the effective and in-depth ways of interpreting different literature pieces.



“It was easy for me to prepare because I had already taken the same course last year. I prepared extra materials that might help the tutees understand the literature work and helped them search for words that they did not understand in order to make the literature work fully interpretable,” said Yoon.



Jang Youn-hee (Liberal Arts, 1), who participated in the program as a tutee, said that she recommends the program to future students. “Since I was getting help for my literature class, the tutoring program was helpful by giving me a chance to learn and review English culture. Also it was great that our tutor gave us some know-how and tips for exams,” said Jang.



Tutees report the results of their tutoring program to the ITL. Tutors are also emailed or called by the ITL, which constantly checks on the group’s meetings. Occasionally, a faculty member of the ITL visits the group’s meeting and discusses how the members are doing in the tutoring program.



An announcement recruiting tutors and tutees for next semester will be posted on the ITL Web site (http://itl.ewha.ac.kr) in September.





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