Students establish Paju Resolution Committee
Students establish Paju Resolution Committee
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        The Paju Campus Resolution Committee was established right after the election of Real Ewha as the 42nd Student Government Association (SGA) on March 31.

        The committee, which Real Ewha pledged to form during its election campaign, was founded for three purposes, they are, "to criticize lopsided promotion of construction, to point out the vagueness of plan for the Paju Education & Research Complex (which the committee calls the Paju Campus), and to draw attention to the true purpose of establishment of a branch school," said Park Do-dam (Psychology, 1), a committee member.

      In addition to Park, the committee is run by five Ewha students. Jung Yoon-ji (Law, 4), the president of the SGA, is the chairperson and Park Do-dam (Psychology, 1) is in charge of executive committee.

      "We are waiting for official approval from the school to become an official student organization," Park said.

      The committee started its official activity on May 10, when it held a press conference in front of the Pfeiffer Hall to criticize what it calls the school's "one-sided" promotion of construction. The committee also participated in an interview session with candidates for Ewha's president on May 25 to ask for their opinions about the Paju campus.

      Before its public activities, the committee investigated the current situation and potential problems with the Paju Education & Research Complex. It also posted hand-written bulletins around campus.

      To attract the attention of Ewha students, the Paju Campus Resolution Committee is under the process of making a video with information on problems related to the Paju Campus.

      "We will also post a big poster where Ewha students can write their opinions freely and advertise our Web site (," Park said.

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