Call center service run to provide convenience!
Call center service run to provide convenience!
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             As the spring semester started, Lee Ga-ye (Molecular and Life Sciences, 2) wondered how the lockers are going to be distributed. But instead of asking her friends or looking for informing posters, she could directly get an answer from the call center of the Department of Natural Science, numbered (02) 3277-4300.


             Since September 2009, the Department of Natural Science started to provide students with a Call Center service for the first in the school. .The service provides information varying from A to Z including scholarship program, class registration and to procedure for leave of absence. It runs from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. every Monday to Friday. After its opening hour, the center also receives inquiries via e-mail.


             “As for establishing the call center service, we wanted to communicate with students more directly. Then, the idea of telephone service came into being as it is more friendly and convenient than online message board,” said Han Hye-sun, the officer of Natural Science administration.


             Students who used the service showed a great satisfaction.


             “I used the service in April to inquire about how to apply for a leave of absence from school. They gave me all the information I needed right away. I didn’t have to visit the office or post my personal question openly on an online board,” said Kang Young-mi (Physics, 3).


             Despite of its high satisfaction, however, the service has long way to go for its promotion. According to the administration office, it is estimated that only ten to fifteen students take advantage of the service in a week.


             “We tried to promote the service by posting an online announcement and distributing informing paper to freshmen in last March. We expect the number of users to increase,” said Han.


             After the Department of Natural Science introduced the service, the Student Council of the Business Administration, too, started to provide call center service from this semester.


             “We decided to adapt the service since the idea is fresh and useful. Through this service, we expect to become a student council that communicates well with students,” said Choi Eun-jin (Business, 3), the President of the Student Council of Business Administration.


             “I think call center service is a great idea. When I have some questions, I have to ask my friends or post the question on online message board and wait for more than two days. I wish my department would introduce the service as well,” said Kim Soo-min (Politics, 2).


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