Sinchon named special tourist zone by government
Sinchon named special tourist zone by government
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Edae-ap, a popular fashion spot for tourists, will become a fashion district.

  As part of a citywide development project, the Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) plans to develop the Sinchon district - from Seodaemun-gu to Mapo-gu - into a tourist zone by the end of this year.

 Despite its popularity as a university district in the 1970s, Sinchon had to cope with rundown commercial facilities and apoor walking environment, according to the SMG Urban Planning Bureau.

 "We seek to revive the area as a tourist zone based on its uniqueness," said Ahn Hyunh-geun, a staff member at the Urban Planning Bureau. "The focus is to revive its youthful energy."

 New information centers, accommodations and business facilities will be built on 44.5 acres.

 Edae-ap, a popular fashion spot, will become a fashion district. Changes include the rearrangement of street stalls and new sidewalks that make it a shopping-friendly area. The SMG plans to include Ahyeon-dong Wedding Dress Street in the district.

 "We are try8ing to maintain the overall framework while reorganizing the streets," said Ahn.

 Sinchon will also adopt the theme of Global University City, a tentative tilt,e and a global university festival is under consideration. More specific plans will be discussed among all three universities in Sinchon and local residents.

 Sinchon's cultural appeal will also be enhanced with museums, galleries and concert halls.

 The special tourist zone will include a Global Academic Street, which will cover the entire former Sinchon Station plaza, Sinchon Rotary and Gyeongui Railroad Park. Both the street and the railroad park will be built.

 "The street will mainly hold regional events, exhibitions and concerts," said Ahn.

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