Ewha to support local women’s studies
Ewha to support local women’s studies
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  The Ewha-Seodaemun Academy (ESA), co-sponsored by Ewha and the Seodaemun-gu Office, opened its third academic year on March 10.
  The academy started in March 2008 to provide educational opportunities to female Seodaemun-gu residents by experiencing diverse curricula  planned by the Ewha School of Continuing Education (SCE). The SCE provides local residents with lectures on subjects such as professional and cultural education.
  “The ESA aims to help female residents adapt to a fast-changing society by learning practical skills and essential knowledge, and to  develop themselves as leaders in their district,” said Bae Kye-young, a staff member of the SCE.
In 2008, 111 students enrolled at the ESA. This number declined in 2009 when the ESA fixed the number at 80 students due to excessive demand. Admissions ended with keen competition before the deadline of March 5. The age of registrants ranges from the 20s to the 90s.
  The academic session for each class is planned for 12 weeks.
  “Twelve lectures will be given during the semester that covers academic fields from the Humanities, the Arts, Culture, Economics and Education. Medical tips for women’s physical and psychological problems will also be given,” said Bae.
  Despite the supply of small-scale regional academies for women by other institutes, the chances to study Economics and Literature were minimal. The academy took a revolutionary approach with the SCE, which provides information and dispatches teaching staff.
  The SCE recieved positive feedback after the first and second sessions.
About 96.2 percent of 72 students responded that the curriculum was helpful and they would like to take the course again or would recommend it to others.Most were highly satisfied with the quality of the lectures, conducted by professors from Ewha, Seoul National University, Seoul Womens’ University and Yonsei.
  “Students’ passion towards  learning is reinforced by advanced lectures. It can be another challenge for female residents,” said Bae.
  The SCE has established other academies for female residents, including regional academies such as the Ewha-Paju Academy and the Ewha U-II College of Ewha-Gangdong Academy.
Regular courses for cultural studies, 20 courses for professional studies, and 18 courses for certificates and consignment education are also provided.

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