Social Welfare major returns in curriculum
Social Welfare major returns in curriculum
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    Department of Social Welfare, established in 1947 and abolished from the college of Social Sciences in 2006, now returns under the name of Joint Major which means students can take classes from two related majors.


Ewha grants joint majors in subjects including East Asia Studies, History of Art, and Professional English.


“We wanted our students to qualify for the Certificate of Social Worker, which is the highest license in the field and requires the passing of a national examination,” said Choi Yeon-sook, Coordinator in Graduate School of Social Welfare (GSSW). “We also hoped to carry on the name as the first social welfare major to be opened in undergraduate school. Our persistent request has finally accepted after two years of work.”


   The GSSW was established in March, 2006 as a more specialized graduate school, and existing major in the undergraduate and graduate schools disappeared in accordance with the recommendation from the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology.


The GSSW hosted an information session on its joint major last November, gathering over 100 interested students.


“Those of you who are interested in making a warm and righteous society and pursuing human diversity and dignity, and putting it into practice in our daily lives are strongly encouraged to take these courses,” said Assistant Professor Cho Sang-mi, Director of Academic Affairs and Chairperson at the Department of Social Welfare. “Introductory classes are highly recommended as a start.”


The total of six classes will open this semester in the social welfare major. Four other related classes are also listed in other departments, including Public Administration, Sociology, and Psychology.



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